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A natural alternative to many pharmaceuticals, our CBD oil possesses numerous health benefits. Our CBD oils can decrease your stress and anxiety, boost your sleep quality, help you deal with pain, and much more. If you are looking to buy CBD oil in Vancouver, this is the place.

CBD Gummies

Looking for a tastier way to take your CBD? Here at Zen Bliss, we offer a variety of different delicious CBD gummies. Try our sweet gummy bears today, or go for our gummy worms, zesty peach rings, or tangy CBD watermelon slices.

Best CBD oil in Vancouver

Where to buy CBD oil in Vancouver

Here at Zen Bliss, you can order CBD oil online and have it sent quickly, safely, and directly to you anywhere in Vancouver.

Our CBD oil is made from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant. Because of this, all of our CBD products contain zero THC (the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant). This means that none of our natural CBD oil products will get you high. We offer CBD oil in 1000mg and 2000mg strengths, as well as sleep-boosting serotonin-infused oil and mint CBD oil.

We also carry a specially formulated hemp-derived CBD oil for your pets to help your furry friend in stressful situations. CBD oil can help your pet with sleeping or help them calm down if they suffer from separation anxiety. It can also help alleviate the symptoms of your pet’s chronic health conditions like epileptic seizures or arthritic pain and inflammation.

Where to buy CBD gummies in Vancouver

With the recent legalization of CBD in Vancouver, there are now plenty of physical outlets where you can buy CBD gummies. However, you can buy a wide selection of products online at Zen Bliss from the convenience of your home. 

CBD gummies are simply the gelatin confectioneries you know and love, like gummy bears and gummy worms, infused with our signature CBD oil. Now you can enjoy eating your favorite candy while also getting an abundance of health benefits.

We offer CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Peach Rings Gummies, CBD Sleep Gummies With Melatonin, CBD Infused Sour Watermelon, CBD Sour Gummy Bears, CBD Gummy Worms, Delta-8 THC Gummies, Delta-10 THC Gummies and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD legal in Vancouver?

Yes, products containing CBD oil are fully legal in Vancouver and widely used as an alternative to potentially harmful pharmaceuticals to treat a number of ailments.

How can I purchase CBD oil, edibles and gummies in Vancouver?

There are various ways you can buy CBD oils, gummies, edibles, and other CBD products in Vancouver. However, the best way to purchase is from the comfort of your home, especially if the condition you are treating limits your mobility. At Zen Bliss, we have a wide range of CBD products available just a click away. 

What payment methods are available to buy CBD in Vancouver?

You can buy CBD in Vancouver much the same way you’d purchase anything else. We accept almost all payment methods, including Visa, Master Card, American Express and E-transfer.

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