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Best CBD For Pets In Canada

Why buy CBD for pets?

You probably already know that many people take CBD oil to help them relax and unwind or the myriad of other health benefits CBD offers. But why would anyone give CBD to their cat or dog? Is CBD even safe for animals?

Cats’ and dogs’ bodies have an endocannabinoid system just like we do, so your dog or cat’s body can process CBD oil. What’s more, CBD oil offers your cat or dog all the same benefits it provides us.

CBD benefits for pets

CBD oil offers a myriad of benefits for your pet. For example, say it’s the holiday season, and fireworks are going off left, right and centre. CBD oil can help sensitive pets to keep calm during noisy times like this.

Or maybe your pet is exceptionally loyal and suffers from separation anxiety. A drop of CBD oil before you head out to work or run errands can help your pet relax while you are gone.

If your pet struggles with sleeping through the night, is getting used to a new home or other situation, CBD oil can help with this, too.

CBD can also help reduce the frequency and duration of seizures in pets who suffer from epilepsy.

Where to buy CBD oil for pets in Canada

Although all CBD oil is suitable for pets, it is better to buy CBD products that have been specially formulated for pet use if you intend to use CBD with your pet. These CBD products are safer for your pet, with no artificial sweeteners that could prove fatal, as well as not containing other elements of the hemp plant that animals can be more sensitive to, like THC.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can CBD help with my pet’s digestion?
Yes. Not only does CBD help with digestion itself, but CBD can also help promote your pet’s digestion by decreasing inflammation. Use CBD oil alongside an anti-inflammatory diet with your pet, and your pet will bounce back to its playful self in no time!

Can CBD oil for pets be used for humans?
Yes, our CBD oil for pets is the same human-grade natural CBD hemp oil used in all other CBD products. Perfectly suitable for humans, too. However, the flavouring used specifically for pets may not be as desirable for humans.

Is there a limit to how much CBD oil I can give my pet?
Every pet is unique. Because of this, we recommend that you consult with your pet’s vet before you administer CBD for the first time.

One good tip is to use no more than 1 mg of CBD for every 1 kg of your pet’s weight. Treat this amount as your pet’s maximum dose—never exceed this amount with your pet. There is limited data out there detailing the effects of CBD on humans, let alone on different animals and breeds.

When you first give your pet CBD oil, try out the smallest possible dose and see if this has any effect. If you find that this amount isn’t adequate, you can try upping the dose the next time you give your pet CBD oil.

The dosage you should give your pet varies with the issue you are hoping to address, too. If your pet suffers from epilepsy, for example, you should give it a higher daily dose than if you were treating separation anxiety.