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Best CBD For ADHD In Canada

There is limited research out there about the effects of using CBD for ADHD. Some researchers say CBD for ADHD could be a beneficial treatment. So, is CBD effective for ADHD?

Many people say that CBD oil helps them deal with ADHD symptoms, such as hyperactivity or restlessness. Others choose to use the CBD for ADHD as part of their regular treatment.

How it works

When you ingest CBD oil, the oil engages with two receptors in your body - cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid receptor type 2 (CB2). These two receptors directly affect certain parts of the body.

  • CB1 is the more plentiful receptor in the brain and has a relationship with epilepsy.
  • CB2 is a receptor more commonly found in your immune system, linked to inflammation and pain.

Certain compounds found in CBD seem to encourage a person’s body to use its natural cannabinoids. Research is at an early stage, but using more of your body’s natural cannabinoids appears to yield several benefits. For example, many people who use CBD report a reduction in their anxiety and less hyperactivity.

CBD for focus and concentration

Many people who use CBD for ADHD say that the oil helps to reduce their hyperactivity which can in turn help their focus and concentration.

CBD vs traditional medication

Traditionally, ADHD medication is divided into two types; non-stimulant and stimulant.
Stimulant medication is the most popular effective type of ADHD medication, with up to 80% of American children seeing a reduction in their symptoms with stimulant medication.
But non-stimulant and stimulant medication alike give rise to a whole host of adverse side effects. These often include insomnia, mood changes, headache, weight loss and poor appetite.

On the other hand, CBD may achieve a similar reduction in ADHD symptoms with fewer or no side effects.

What CBD products can I use to help with ADHD?

At Zen Bliss, we offer a wide range of CBD products that can help with the symptoms of ADHD. You could eat a few hemp-derived CBD gummies as CBD treatment for ADHD or to help you get better sleep. You can also choose to take a drop or two of CBD oil in the morning to help you keep focus on your tasks all day long.

Dosage and guidelines

CBD dosage depends on many factors:
  • Bodyweight
  • Condition you want to treat
  • Your body chemistry
  • Amount in each piece if taking edibles
As of yet, there are no guidelines on CBD dosage for ADHD. Plus, every person is unique, so there’s no singular CBD dosage that suits everyone. However, some guidelines can help you to figure out which CBD dosage is correct for you.

The best thing to do is start with the lowest CBD oil dose before gradually moving up to a quantity that suits you best.

You should base your maximum dose of CBD on your body weight. You should use no more than 2.5 mg per kilogram of your weight twice daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I should expect results?
Many people see results from our CBD products within the first two weeks of using them. But, you may have to wait up to six weeks before seeing any results from using CBD products.

Can I go about my day after taking CBD for ADHD?
Yes. Our CBD products are made with oil from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant and will not get you high. However, some people report that CBD makes them slightly drowsy. If so, consider taking your CBD at a different time of day, such as the evening. You could also split your dose throughout the day.

Can I take CBD for ADHD alongside other medication?
We advise you to speak to your doctor first if you want to treat your ADHD with CBD. However, no one has reported CBD interfering with ADHD medications.