About Us

Why Choose Zen Bliss?

We offer a variety of different CBD oils and CBD edibles with great options to choose from. At Zen Bliss, we are a unique business with our own set of advantages. First, we are a family-run business. Not only this, but we are also 100% Canadian-owned and operated. We make all our CBD products from hemp CBD, with no THC. So, they are entirely natural, safe to use, and effective in treating ailments, disorders, and other conditions.


We are Canadian-owned and operated

Here at Zen Bliss, our family-run business is 100% Canadian-owned. We operate out of Canada and ship to most regions of Canada, from British Columbia to the Northwest Territories.

We put 100% of ourselves into every order and every product we sell. A one-of-a-kind business, we hope our unique range of CBD oil products helps alleviate your symptoms and conditions and puts a smile on your face!


On the fence about trying a CBD oil or product?

Don’t worry—here at Zen Bliss, all of our CBD oil is hemp-derived. Our CBD oil contains zero THC, the psychoactive component of the marijuana plant.

We also offer guides and loads of other helpful information over on our blog page, including how to dose your CBD products, as well as “everything you need to know” guides and details on the effects of CBD.


Our Products

With a wide range of unique and highly effective products available, including delicious CBD edibles like dried fruits infused with CBD oil and CBD gummies, you’re sure to find a CBD product that suits you!

If this wasn’t enough, we also offer CBD products infused with melatonin to help with better sleep, including Melatonin CBD gummy bears, peppermint flavour melatonin CBD oil, and standard CBD oil with melatonin.

We even offer CBD oil for pets! This CBD product is formulated especially to help with your pet’s sleep and separation anxiety. It even helps to relieve chronic pain, seizures, and inflammation in pets.


Our Promise to you

Here at Zen Bliss, we promise to give you the best support and customer service we can with every purchase. With both live chat and email support on offer, as well as guides and advice, we will work to resolve all concerns and questions about your order or products as quickly as we possibly can.

With an established and growing customer base across Canada, Zen Bliss guarantees to do whatever it takes to make you into another happy customer!


At Zen Bliss, we believe in balance

The CBD oil and other products we offer here at Zen Bliss boast incredible health benefits. From improving your mental health to helping you get great quality sleep and relief from pain and inflammation, you’ll love the myriad of health benefits CBD has to offer.

Our CBD products, coupled with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, will help you to improve your quality of life and make the best out of every day.


You deserve the best

Here at Zen Bliss, our customers are our passion. We never sell you a product we don't personally use ourselves.

We carry out the most stringent checks on every last one of our CBD products to ensure that they are up to our standards. You won’t find any THC in our products. Our CBD oil is derived exclusively from hemp plants, and not from marijuana plants, this means that our CBD oil has no THC.

When you order from Zen Bliss, you can be sure that you are always getting quality products. Trust Zen Bliss to provide you with the best CBD products in Canada.