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Best CBD For Pain Relief In Canada

Almost all of us experience some sort of pain, whether chronic or acute, at some point in our lives. For this reason, a growing number of people are choosing to use non-addictive and natural alternatives like CBD to manage pain due to its array of potential health benefits.

Whether it’s CBD edibles or CBD oil taken sublingually (under your tongue) for chronic pain, loads of people find CBD effective for long-term pain management.

Neuropathic pain

Many people who live with chronic pain or neuropathic pain use CBD products every day to manage or treat their pain. If you suffer from neuropathic pain or nerve pain, taking CBD oil under your tongue is best. If you take CBD oil for nerve pain, it’s important to find the right dose for you. Start at the lowest dose possible and work your way up until you find an amount that works for you.

Chronic pain

Taking CBD under the tongue also works well for chronic pain as the absorption rate is higher. Again, it’s a good idea to try pinpointing the dosage that works for you. Begin with a low dose and work your way up till you achieve the desired results.

What CBD Products can I use to help with pain relief?

The best CBD products to use for pain relief are CBD oils. CBD oil gets to work right away when taken under the tongue, getting absorbed into your bloodstream within seconds and bypassing your digestive system and liver. Testimonials show that more and more people are using CBD oil for chronic back pain and nerve pain without having to struggle with addictive prescription medications.

Dosage and guidelines

There is no official recommendation for how much CBD oil to take for pain. As mentioned earlier, it’s important that you find the CBD dose that’s right for you. If you feel no improvement with your pain after spending at least a week at as low a dose as possible, you can then increase your dose a little.

If you increase your dose, make sure that you increase your dose slowly. As well as this, be sure to spend a few days on this new dose so that you get a chance to notice whether this dosage has any effect on you.

Keep in mind that CBD dosage depends on many factors:
  • Bodyweight
  • Condition you want to treat
  • Your body chemistry

Frequently Asked Questions

Will CBD make me nauseous?
No. CBD is unlikely to make you nauseous. In fact, CBD oil has been shown to help with nausea. Plus, if you use CBD oil, you can consume the oil by placing a few drops under your tongue. This not only allows the CBD oil to enter your bloodstream and get to work more quickly than through other methods, but is also a convenient method of consumption for people who suffer from nausea.

How much CBD oil to take for pain?
You can take as much CBD oil as you need to relieve your pain. 40 mg of CBD oil a day is a good starting dose for severe pain. You can increase or decrease the amount according to the way you feel. That being said, everyone is unique, and so, everyone has their own unique dosage that works for them. Experiment until you find the right amount of CBD oil for you.

How many times a day can I use CBD for pain relief?
You can use CBD for pain relief as many times a day as you need to. All of our CBD products & CBD Gummies are made with CBD oil from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant. This means that all of our CBD products are 100% THC-free. So, you don’t need to worry about accidentally getting high.

The effects of CBD can last for several hours, however. You shouldn’t usually need to take CBD more than twice a day.

Can I take CBD for pain alongside other medication?
Yes, you can usually take CBD if you use certain other medications for pain or other symptoms. But, always consult with your doctor first to see which dosage or situation is right for you.