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Best CBD For Cats In Canada

If your cat is aloof and unpettable, some CBD oil can help them to calm down and turn them into a real snuggle monster. Or, if your kitty struggles with travel, CBD oil for cats can give them the relaxation they need.

As well as this, CBD oil works great at calming cats during storms or holiday fireworks. CBD oil can also help with joint pain and arthritis.

How CBD affects cats

Dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems, just like us, humans. Having this system means that your cat can process CBD oil just fine and that CBD gives your cat much of the same benefits it provides to us.

How much CBD should a cat have?

Research into CBD dosages is still in its initial stages. So, make sure your cat consumes CBD products in moderation.

Cats have fewer cannabinoid receptors than dogs. All this means is, you need to up your cat’s dosage—a cat needs twice as much CBD as a dog would.

One good way to figure out your cat’s maximum dosage is to use no more than 2-4 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of your cat’s weight. Treat this amount as your dog’s maximum dose—never exceed this amount with your cat in one dose.

How to administer

Most owners opt to simply give a drop or two of CBD oil for cats under the tongue. However, you can also bake your feline’s CBD allowance into tasty treats for a pain-free training session together or a relaxing bedtime snack.

You may like to use CBD oil on your cat’s toys, too, much as you might catnip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy CBD oil for cats in Canada?
Here at Zen Bliss, we offer CBD oil that has been made especially for pets. We make all of our CBD oil with CBD from the hemp plant, so our oil is safe and 100% THC-free.

How do I know which strength to buy?
If you are buying CBD for your cat for the first time, go for the lowest strength available to start. Then, when you have a good grasp on how CBD affects your cat, you can begin to use a stronger oil.

Can I give too much?
At extremely high doses, CBD can cause liver damage. So, be sure to keep your CBD products in scent-proof tins in a place where your cat cannot gain access to them. Be sure to keep all your cat’s CBD products either clearly labelled or in the original packaging.

Is it safe to use every day?
Yes, our CBD oil for pets is safe to use on your pet daily. In addition, CBD oil is not addictive and has very few side effects compared to other common feline medications.

Are CBD oils specially made for pets?
Yes. We make our THC-free CBD oil for pets with a flavor your cat (or even dog) is sure to love!