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Why Are People Using CBD for Chronic Back Pain?

Nothing can be more disruptive than chronic back pain, especially if your work involves many strenuous activities. But have you ever wondered why some people use CBD for chronic back pain, yet other treatment methods are available? We are about to find out.

You’ve probably heard or read about the speculations that CBD is a potential back pain reliever. For this reason, many people have been using CBD oil as a natural remedy to treat chronic pain. So, how does CBD alleviate back pain, and why is it effective?

The Role of CBD in Chronic Back Pain Management

Cannabidiol, mostly known as CBD, is a derivative of the cannabis or hemp plant. It is one of the over a hundred cannabinoids present in the plant. Thankfully, this compound has several health benefits, including pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Nobody can dispute the fact that CBD is a promising pharmaceutical agent to treat chronic back pain. Studies have affirmed the role of CBD in chronic pain management. That’s the reason many people and interested parties are shifting their attention to CBD.

A plausible reason CBD is effective for chronic back pain treatment is its interactions with inflammatory, endocannabinoid, and pain-sensing systems in the body. However, scientists need to research more about the effectiveness of CBD on inflammations.

When you apply any CBD product, you won’t feel “high.” That is because the compound doesn’t have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive element present in cannabis plants or marijuana. For this reason, many CBD manufacturers use hemp-derived CBD.

Another incredible thing about CBD comes in many forms for quick treatment of chronic back pain. For example, you can apply CBD creams or gels on the affected area of your back and feel the effects. It has also shown promising results for treating neck pain.

Ways CBD Helps to Treat Chronic Back Pain

Chronic pain can occur due to several underlying issues. The good news is that CBD provides a solution by acting on the root causes of the pain.

Here are some of the ways CBD can eliminate chronic back pain.

  • Reducing inflammation on the body
  • Improving sleep and the overall state of relaxation
  • Combating anxiety associated with chronic back pain

Some studies also suggest that CBD’s effectiveness depends on how its users perceive pain. However, more evidence-based research is imperative to verify the speculations.

Generally, CBD is a full-body treatment. It doesn’t specifically target chronic back pain, except in the case of topical CBD products. Instead, CBD attributes to an overall feeling of pain relief and relaxation. So, users with chronic back pain will generally feel better.

Using CBD Oil for Chronic Back Pain and Inflammation

What happens when you get an injury? Your body’s immune system begins the healing process. Notably, inflammation of the body cells will be part of that process. The white blood cells will start releasing natural chemicals into the bloodstream to remove toxins.

If the inflammation lasts longer than expected, it can turn into chronic inflammation, causing more pain. As a result, it will sensitize some of the body’s nerves, organs, and tissues. If left untreated, you will experience constant pain, which might prolong.

In that case, a doctor may recommend using a CBD product to relieve it because it has anti-inflammatory properties. So, a regular CBD dosage will prompt your body’s natural endocannabinoid system to stop pain receptors from transmitting signals to the brain.

If your brain doesn’t detect that your body is in pain, the inflammation will subside, and you’ll become healthier. In other words, you won’t feel pain anymore.

Research About CBD and Chronic Pain Relief

Research about CBD for chronic back pain is still in its early stages, but more reliable data on CBD is used to treat general pain. For example, the 2018 review evaluated CBD’s effectiveness on chronic pain. 

The study examined the effects of CBD on pains such as fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, and cancer pain. The researchers discovered that CBD was helpful in overall pain management and reported no adverse side effects of the compound.

Another study in 2019 also reported a link between CBD usage and reduced chronic pain. Surprisingly, about 94 percent of the participants in the study reported an improvement in their quality of life. 

In 2020, another study on topical CBD reported that CBD could help treat sharp pain, severe pain, itchy feelings, and even cold. 

How CBD Relieves Chronic Back Pain

So how does CBD help reduce chronic back pain? Everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), a cell-signaling system with receptors that transmit signals to the brain.

The endocannabinoid receptors are tiny proteins in the cells. These receptors always receive chemical signals from various stimuli to help the cells respond.

After inducing a response, the cells produce anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help the body manage pain. However, the pain can prolong due to a slow-healing process.

When CBD enters the bloodstream, it intersects the endocannabinoid system, blocking the pain receptors in the painful area from sending signals to the brain. As a result, you will stop feeling the pain.

How to Use CBD for Chronic Back Pain

The most popular way to use CBD for chronic back pain is through CBD oil. You can ingest the product sublingually by placing it under the tongue. Allow the CBD to stay under the tongue for about 30 seconds to get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Another way to use CBD is by applying CBD creams, lotions, and topicals onto the skin of your back. Apply a small amount of the cream or lotion into your palms and rub gently on your aching lower back. It will get absorbed into the skin then the bloodstream.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Canada

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