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Anxiety in Dogs: What Owners Need to Know

Dogs suffer anxiety attacks like humans, and CBD oil for dogs’ anxiety can suppress the symptoms. CBD oil is a product of hemp or cannabis, a plant that produces an addictive stimulant and psychoactive compound known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Just like humans, dogs also have serotonin. The nerve cells produce serotonin, which sends signals to the brain.  Serotonin is also responsible for memory, mood, and stress levels. When this chemical product is low, you will suffer bad moods and stress.

CBD increases the amount of serotonin produced and reduces serotonin metabolism. So, taking more CBD will increase the serotonin levels in your dog’s body, ensuring that it is in the right mood and does not have stress, a common sign of anxiety.

Signs Your Dog Could Have Anxiety

It is a disadvantage that our dogs cannot communicate their feelings. Sometimes, dog owners dismiss behaviours that could be due to illness or discomfort. However, you can know whether your dog is okay or not by looking at how it behaves around you.

Some of the signs that your dog could be anxious about are;

  • Howling when left alone or constantly barking when there is nothing strange to bark at
  • Panting in cold weather
  • Cowering and hiding in corners when you want to play or pet it
  • Destroying things in the home and digging holes in the backyard
  • Loss of appetite and frequent urination
  • Constantly licking the lips and having whiteness in the eyes

Although your dog will not do these only because of anxiety, you should note them, especially if they happen repeatedly.

Causes of Anxiety in Dogs

You are probably wondering what would make your dog experience anxiety. Here are the plausible reasons your dog might feel anxious.


Most dogs suffer from separation anxiety. They begin to growl and cry when they notice they are all by themselves. This happens if the dog is used to spending more time with you or other people at home, and not by itself. Getting the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety can help your dog overcome separation anxiety.


Humans are afraid of loud noises like thunderstorms and loud cars, and so are dogs. Thunders are scary, and your dog will be anxious if it senses that there might be a thunderstorm. The dog will cry to show that it is scared.

It is common for dogs to be scared of new people and animals. That’s why they bark to signal you that there is an enemy around.  However, dogs with anxiety will bark louder and even growl.


As the dog ages, its memory, learning, and perception decline. This is also a common symptom with older people. Since that is unusual to the dog, it can cause confusion and anxiety in the dog. Age-related stress usually affects older dogs and is associated with cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS).

Ways to Treat Anxiety in Dogs

Anxiety is like any other disease. The earlier you realize your dog suffers from anxiety, the easier it will be treating it. Check for any changes in the behaviour of your dog and monitor if it happens repeatedly. The following tips will help you treat anxiety in dogs.

Seek a Veterinarian Advice

To begin with, seeing a vet will ensure that you are treating anxiety and not typical excitement. Veterinaries have better knowledge of animals and can give a better diagnosis regarding their behaviours.

If the anxiety is too high, they will likely give the dog anxiety medication to lessen their symptoms. The vet could also advise you to administer the medicine to the dog when something that triggers your dog’s anxiety is about to happen.

A perfect example of this is a thunderstorm. To supplement the medication, the vet might include CBD oils for dogs with anxiety. It helps with the production of serotonin, which lowers anxiety at high levels.

Train Them Naturally

You can change your dog’s behaviour by training them. For the less severe types of anxiety, such as separation anxiety, you can prepare the dog to love its own company. Consider leaving them with something it loves when you are going away for some time.

Leave the dog with its favourite toys for distraction. Also, ensure you spend more time outside to help the dog get used to being alone.

Another way to help it with how it responds to stimuli is by counterconditioning. You can pair the sounds the dog is afraid of with something it loves to make it get used.

Get Them a Partner

Losing a canine friend could be the reason your dog is getting separation anxiety. You can get your dog a partner to ensure they are not lonely. However, you need first to ensure that this is the reason for the separation anxiety. If it is not, getting another dog will not help.

Use CBD Products

Dogs that have their anxiety treated by CBD are more advantaged than dogs treated using anxiety medicine only. Anxiety medicines for dogs are not as effective as CBD and have harmful side effects.

CBD oil works perfectly by increasing serotonin levels in the dog. As a result, it protects them from stress and anxiety attacks. CBD is also a good choice if your dog is already ill because it improves the chances of recovery and reduces the length of treatment.

What Happens if You Don’t Treat Anxiety in Your Dog

Since most dog owners do not take the signs of anxiety seriously, it is advisable to take your dog for a check-up and ensure it does not suffer from anxiety.

If you don’t do this on time, the symptoms will worsen as time moves and even lead to death. Other dogs get to worse points of destroying property and harming themselves.

Best Place To Buy CBD For Dogs With Anxiety

When looking for medicine for pets that you treasure, like your dog, you want to make sure it is the best to cure the symptoms. At Zen Bliss, our CBD oil will give nothing but the best results. You will notice positive effects a few hours after your dog takes the supplement. We also have a specialist who will guide you on the best way to do it.


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