COVID Precautions When Buying CBD Oil Products

COVID is here to stay. These are times of uncertainty, when strains are appearing more consistently than ever before and making industry leaders evaluate their policies. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that we should cut down on the activities we enjoy – indulging in consuming the goods we want, or even need.

In most cases, things like CBD oil are not just an acquired taste, but a medicinal must. In this article we’re going to tell you what safety measures are taken at Zen Bliss, and what have we done to avoid the spread of coronavirus while buying our fine products.

What We Consider When It Comes To COVID

First and foremost, coronavirus is a pandemic, as in global. What does that mean? The use of the term “pandemic”? According to Wikipedia, the definition of it is the following: “A pandemic [...] is an [...] infectious disease that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents or worldwide, affecting a substantial number of individuals.”

Coronavirus checks all those slots. This virus doesn’t just affect a single region, but many territories, and our country is no exception to this. It is our responsibility to care for each other. This means that extra precautions need to be taken — precautions that fit the WHO approved protocols and medically sound procedures.

In order to avoid the spread of COVID, social distancing is key. Unnecessary contact between citizens should be avoided. This applies to simple things, like running errands, to more specific needs like acquiring particular goods for personal consumption.

The Government of Canada proposes the following ways to avoid or diminish the spread of coronavirus:

Staying approximately 6 feet (~183 cm) away from other people
Avoiding badly ventilated places
Washing your hands
Getting tested if you have any symptoms
Covering when you cough or sneeze
Keeping your surroundings clean and try to disinfect often

What Can You Do To Acquire Our Tasty Products?

What can you do to obtain what you want while keeping yourself safe? Easy! Order your products online. Nothing beats receiving your CBD products by way of a few clicks on a mouse! Whether it’s the brand new CBD strain variant, hemp CBD, or edibles, you can find everything you need at Zen Bliss from the comfort of your home. You can receive all your products right on your doorstep without having to run the risk of interacting with strangers who may carry the virus.

Here at Zen Bliss we are strict in following mandated safety protocols – going above and beyond, in order for you to receive your products in the safest, fastest and most efficient way possible. It all begins with the production. For example with our Delta-8 THC: we craft our products by handling all of the prime materials such as hemp in a controlled environment, following cleanroom regulation, where all of our staff is up-to-date with vaccine chronograms.

What Processes Does the Merchandise Undergo?

When the product is completed, a shipping framework is put in effect. A series of procedures take place in order to eradicate any possibility of product contamination not only from coronavirus, but other environmental contaminants. Before moving an inch, all of our workers are diligent in following hygiene guidelines – making sure to cleanse their hands thoroughly, and then putting on sanitized gloves to ensure zero-contact with the virus.

When our products are stored, they are kept in a ventilated area with open windows, making it easy for us to keep all of the merchandise fresh and clean.

You may be wondering how we manage the transportation process. Once again, we strive to maintain the strictest of measures in order to carry our fine products quickly to your abode. Even when transporting the orders, the N95 face masks are worn by our personnel at all times.

You get a product that undergoes every existing safety measurement before even getting close to your house.

What Are the Pros of Online Shopping?

Buying your hemp products at Zen Bliss is incredibly easy and beneficial.

It is highly efficient
It is comfortable
It is cost-convenient
You can get the products on the same day
No worrying about commuting or gas money
No interacting with unwanted people
Get crafted products you can’t get elsewhere
It’s anonymous
It is pandemic-proof
You can score many amazing discounts you will not get in other retail stores

Look no further and invest wisely – Get the best out of your money and time. Zen Bliss has got you covered. Follow our website’s link and get your first delivery today.

What If I Am Not Sure About What I Want to Buy?

You can always contact us for guidance via e-mail at It is important that you feel comfortable with your choices. That’s part of the experience. Even so, if you change your mind, we have a solid refund policy just in case.

Get Your Products Today!

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