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Is It Safe to Consume CBD and Alcohol at the Same Time?

CBD is becoming a common product, but most people are not aware of the effects of taking CBD and alcohol at the same time. The substance occurs in many forms, including gummies, capsules, and alcohol manufacturers make CBD-infused beers.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a by-product of cannabis and hemp plants. However, unlike the other products of these plants, CBD has 0.3 percent of THC, the psychoactive property that makes people high. In other words, you won’t feel high after taking CBD alone.

Many chronic disease patients use the medicine to reduce pain. Epilepsy and arthritis patients are also familiar with CBD. The product reduces insomnia, anxiety and depression levels, and it also improves skin health by reducing pimples and acne. 


What Is the Effect of the Combined Use of Alcohol and Cannabis?

Whether you are taking both CBD and alcohol together or one after the other, you are likely to experience the side effects of mixing the two. CBD can react with alcohol if you take the two substances four or eight hours apart. 

Since CBD oil and alcohol have almost similar side effects, taking them together gives a more substantial impact on the user. Alcohol and CBD oil relaxes and lowers your inhibitions. In other words, taking high doses of both substances can cause sedation.

In addition, consuming both of the products increases the intensity of the side effects and makes them long-lasting. If you are lighthearted and mellow when you take alcohol, you get more when mixing it with the substance.

The effects are more significant if the doses are high. For example, if you take more alcohol with more CBD, you will get more powerful consequences than if you took either alone. You might lose control, motor coordination and become intoxicated. 

However, taking CBD together with alcohol also has its advantages. Since CBD reduces anxiety and depression and increases sleepiness, taking it with alcohol will make you sleep deeper. Of course, this is only an advantage if you struggle with sleep. 

Another advantage of mixing CBD and oil has to prevent cell damage and diseases. Most alcohol users suffer cell damage, leading to chronic diseases like liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, and cancer. However, it’s vital to take the correct dosage of the mixture.

Another positive effect of taking CBD with alcohol is that it increases autophagy, promoting the multiplication of cells. Since new cells generate quickly, you will have fewer chances of suffering liver diseases, pancreatitis, and cancer. 

Taking the two substances together also reduces blood alcohol levels, according to this study. However, the findings are not clear if the same effects affect someone who takes the right amounts of CBD. The good news is that more studies are still ongoing.

Another study showed that CBD might be therapeutic for alcohol addiction. A study done on animals showed that the substance reduces symptoms of alcohol addiction and withdrawal. However, this study was done on rats and not humans. 

Although there is a lot of research on the combination of CBD and alcohol, there is more research needed to prove the results. Besides, most of these researchers used rodents as a specimen and not humans. 

If you want to take CBD and alcohol, health specialists advise that you take them in low doses first. It is also advisable to try both products first, each on their own, to know how they react with your body. 


Side Effects of CBD Oil

There is no definite CBD dosage because the human body has different chemical compositions. Physicians use weight, age, health condition, and intensity of a patient’s symptoms to find the proper dosage. 

However, it would help if you did not overdose on the product. So, if you buy it over the counter, you start with the lowest dosage without a doctor’s prescription. That helps your body get used to it and slowly adapt, reducing the intensity of the side effects. 

Since the human body has different chemical combinations, the side effects are also different for different people. Some people will experience drowsiness, diarrhoea and others will be nauseated. 

You could also experience ‘dry mouth’ because CBD is an extract of the cannabis. This is a common side effect with THC substances, and CBD has negligible amounts of THC. However, you should not worry about this when you use high-quality CBD.

Considering the side effects of CBD oil and alcohol, you should avoid taking CBD oil with other over-the-counter medications without consulting your doctor. The chemical compounds in the two substances could react and cause more harm. 

CBD oil also reacts differently on children because their bodies are delicate. Therefore, it is not advisable to give small children the substance without a doctor’s advice. 

Although you will experience these side effects, they should not be intense. They will last for about two to five hours after taking the product and then disappear. You will also experience fewer reactions as the body gets used to the effect. 

Can You Take CBD Oil and Alcohol?

There are many findings from the research on the effects of CBD oil and alcohol. Although mixing the two has side effects, there are some advantages, like reducing alcohol’s side effects. 

As you compare the effects of mixing the two, it is also important to note that they vary with an individual. For example, one person might experience different side effects from combining the two products from another person. 

In addition, most research shows the effects of CBD with high amounts of alcohol, which is not everybody’s thought. But to sum it all, it is not advisable to take CBD oil together with alcohol if you don’t know how the effects will be. 

If you want to try the two products, start with low amounts of CBD and alcohol. It will even be better if you take each alone, first, to see how they would affect you. Then, if the side effects are unbearable, consult a doctor. 


Final Words

CBD is a natural treatment for different symptoms, and it has its side effects. Alcohol also affects people in different ways. If you want to take CBD and alcohol together, it is advisable to start with low amounts first. That way, you won’t feel intense side effects.

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