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Is It Possible to Build Up Tolerance to CBD?

You are not alone if you are on the verge of breaking up with CBD because you suspect a CBD tolerance. The human body builds tolerance to substances over time, but the science behind tolerance and CBD might be a bit different. 

When the body gets tolerant to a substance, it adapts to the substance and reduces its efficacy. So, can you build a tolerance to CBD?

In this write-up, we will look at what CBD is, how you can and cannot become tolerant to it, and the reasons why your CBD oil is not effective.  

What Is CBD?

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, a byproduct of cannabis and hemp plants. CBD has been in existence for many years, but it is becoming popular because of its rapidly growing market. 

Many people buy and use CBD for treating different ailments like anxiety and depression, chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia. CBD occurs in many forms, and you can take it as CBD oils and tinctures, capsules, or as edibles like gummies.

CBD has two active components; CBD and THC. THC is a substance in the cannabis plant that is responsible for hyperactivity and addiction. The two components are different because, unlike THC, CBD does not intoxicate. THC also has health benefits.

What Is Tolerance?

It is easy to confuse tolerance, dependence, and addiction. Tolerance is the ability of an animal or a plant to not experience the same effects with similar amounts of a specific drug. This leads to increasing the dose or changing the prescription. 

When a person becomes dependent on a drug, they will experience withdrawal if they stop using it. Addiction, on the other hand, is a severe disease that needs serious treatment.

A good example of tolerance is people who drink coffee. They start with drinking a half cup of coffee, and as time passes, the half-cup will have less of an effect on their body. They, therefore, may increase the amount of coffee intake to experience the results of the caffeine. 

The human body becomes tolerant to substances because of homeostasis. When you take a foreign substance, the body processes it and tries to bring itself to equilibrium. 

The more you take the substance or drug, the more your body adapts itself to regulate the chemical imbalance, building high tolerance as time passes. 

Do You Build A Tolerance To CBD?

It is easy for CBD oil users to think they have built a tolerance for CBD oil. This is because they take the substance daily in forms like oils, capsules, and tinctures. The good news is, CBD does not create a tolerance to the body, but THC does. 

Patients develop THC tolerance because it binds to CB1 receptors in the brain when they take the substance. Continuous use of THC makes the receptors get used, and they become tolerant, requiring more of the product to feel the effects. 

This is different from CBD. CBD oil tolerance is impossible because CBD and THC do not bind to CB1 receptors the same way. CBD does not cause desensitization to these receptors, hence no tolerance. 

Some researchers claim that patients are more likely to experience reverse CBD tolerance. As patients get used to the product, they need to take it in lower amounts. Therefore, you should not worry about CBD tolerance. 

 Why Your CBD Oil Might Not Be Working Effectively

Here are the reasons your CBD oil might not be effective.

  • The CBD Brand You Are Using

  • The CBD market is rapidly growing, and most people are thirsting to venture into this business. Online companies and over-the-counter shops are looking for the product in bulk to sell. 

    Some CBD products you will buy from random sellers don’t have high-quality CBD. The products might also have inaccurate labels, mainly if a third-party lab does not test them.  

    When buying CBD products, ensure you get one with evidence of third-party lab testing. The labs show the correct components of the CBD oil and the amount of CBD in the oil or gummies. 

    You can also read consumer reviews about the brand on their website or choose to buy only from known brands. 

  • Trying To Find the Right Dose

  • When you start using CBD oil, you have to be patient with it until you find the correct dose. CBD does not have a specific quantity for everyone because different amounts of the substance react differently with other people.

    It would be best if you were willing to try different doses to find one that works for you. While testing the oil to get the correct dose, you will not experience a lot of effects on the body, and this is because the substance has not built up in your system yet.

  • You Need To Take the CBD in Other Forms

  • Just because CBD oils and tinctures work for you perfectly doesn’t mean they will work for somebody else. The human body is different because it has different chemical compositions. 

    If you have tried edibles that seem not to work, try other forms like vape oils or topical creams. You can increase the dose by 5 mg until you get one that works. Also, if you are taking edibles like gummies, check the CBD concentration on the package. 

  • CBD Is Not For You

  • There is a possibility that CBD oil or gummies will not have any effects on your body. The factors that depend on CBD oil absorption to the body are metabolism, biochemistry, and genetics. 

    People with genetic mutations naturally produce many endocannabinoids, and when there is a lot in the system, you will not notice any changes when you take CBD. You can ask the doctor for different prescription options other than CBD. 

    Final Words

    CBD is a standard product that helps people treat symptoms like chronic pain. It is safe to use CBD, but consider checking your product’s brand, CBD concentration in the edibles, and dosage when you suspect a CBD tolerance. To check out Canada’s best source for CBD products online, click here.


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