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How to Safely Introduce CBD for Cats with Anxiety

Did you know that cats also suffer from anxiety, just like humans? The good news is that CBD oil for cats with anxiety can help to reduce the symptoms. CBD gives natural treatment to animals without leaving them to suffer side effects like other medicine.

Anxiety is common among animals and human beings as it is the anticipation of danger. However, there is an average level of anxiety that should occur in humans and cats. If it crosses the standard line, it becomes a disorder that needs to be treated urgently.

An average cat will be anxious for a few hours and be fine afterward. During this time, the cat will be panting and trembling, increasing the heartbeat rate. They will also be restless, with a lot of movement, destroying things, hiding, and jumping around.

Some causes of cat anxiety are new homes, lack of socialization, or illness. Having a new member of the family could also cause anxiety in your cat. Most cats will suffer anxiety at the age of 5 months to one year. Anxiety in older cats could lead to death.

Thankfully, most cat owners can use CBD oil to treat the symptoms. CBD is a byproduct of hemp or cannabis plants, which produce other stimulants like marijuana. However, your cat will not get high after taking CBD oil. This is because Cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t have the psychoactive compound THC, which makes people high.

CBD exists in different products. You can give it to your cat in the form of gummies, edibles or pills, and capsules. However, it is essential to note that there is no specific CBD oil dosage for cats with anxiety.

Finding the correct dosage for your cat will depend on its health and the intensity of the symptoms you are treating. Your veterinarian can also help you come up with the correct dosage for your little friend.

These Factors Will Help You Decide Your Cat’s CBD Oil Dosage

There is no specific dose for CBD for cats. Cats have different bodies, and 5mg of CBD oil on your cat might not work for another cat. However, when starting to give your cat CBD, you should start with lower doses.

For example, you can offer your cat 5ml of CBD oil for the first week. Then, if the amount does not work, increase it by 5ml, and let your cat have that. Doing that ensures that they do not get much of the side effects of CBD oil.

When trying to get their correct CBD oil dosage for your cats, consider factors like;


Giving 15mg of CBD oil to a cat that weighs 230lbs will be different from administering the same amount to cats weighing 300lbs. The CBD oil will have more impact on the one weighing 230lbs, which could be an overdose.

CBD Concentration

Different CBD products have different CBD concentrations. For example, the amount of CBD in 1ml of tincture might not be the same as the CBD in a pill or capsule. So, ensure that you have the right concentration that can fulfill your cat’s needs.

The Extent of the Symptoms

If the symptoms are too severe, your cat might require more CBD oil to feel the effect than a cat with mild anxiety symptoms.

Is CBD For Cats With Anxiety Safe?

Although some countries do not approve of cannabis and its byproducts usage, CBD is a safe cannabis byproduct. It has given positive results to humans and pets and can do well with your cat. However, just like any other foreign substance in the body, CBD for cats with anxiety has some side effects.

After giving it to your cat, you might notice head shaking and gagging. The cat could also start drooling, vomiting and pacing. Ensure you check your cat and see any strange behaviour immediately after administering CBD to it.

Which is The Best Type of CBD for Cats?

The vet will advise you on the best CBD to give your cat. There are three types of CBD. First, you could choose to provide raw CBD oil to your cat because it contains only CBD and no other compounds.

You could also buy CBD hemp oil for your cat. This CBD oil does not come from cannabis but the hemp plant, and it has as low as 0.3 percent of THC. Therefore, it will not make your cat high.

The full spectrum CBD either comes from hemp or the cannabis plant. It is a good choice for oil because it has many cannabinoids.

Natural Remedies For Anxiety For Your Cat

After using CBD in cats with anxiety, you could also try these natural remedies.

Comfort Them

Although people are against comforting the cat after a fear response, it could help lower the fear levels. Carry the cat around and soothe it to let it know it is okay.

Do Not Beat Your Cat

Punishing your cat will instill fear and phobia in it. The fear response due to anxiety will be more than before, leading to the cat being aggressive to you. You should also avoid yelling and pouring water on your cat, according to PETMD.

How To Administer CBD Oil To Your Cat

When you want to treat anxiety in your cat, follow these steps.

Start Low

For every pound of weight, you can give the cat 0.25ml of CBD oil. Then, if the dosage does not work, you can add that in low amounts until you get a dosage that works.

Mix with Food

Making your cat take a CBD pill might not be easy. However, mixing the correct dosage with the cat’s favourite food will make it easy to take in. you could also mix it with the cat’s favourite juice.

Check for the Signs

If you are aware of how the cat behaves when it is about to get anxiety attacks, it will be easy to treat it. You can time this and give the cat CBD 30 minutes before it experiences an anxiety attack.

Where to Get CBD in Canada

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