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Full-Spectrum Delta-10 THC CBD Gummies
Full-Spectrum Delta-10 THC CBD Gummies
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Full-Spectrum Delta-10 THC CBD Gummies

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Zen Bliss CBD and Delta-10 THC infused gummies offer you an abundance of health benefits, ranging from pain relief, great sleep, and better mental health, and many others. Why not satiate your candy craving while also nurturing your mind and body at the same time! Delta-10 THC is great for relaxing and feeling good, but it will not make you nervous or paranoid, like when using a marijuana product. Instead, Zen Bliss Delta-10 THC comes from industrial hemp, making it just as effective but even safer to enjoy!

Zen Bliss CBD oil and Delta-10 THC infused gummy bears can offer you the following amazing health benefits:

  • Pain relief – by utilizing Zen Bliss CBD and Delta-10 THC infused gummy bears, you can expect a reduction in chronic pain, as well as a decrease in inflammation. Do you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis? Use Zen Bliss CBD and Delta-10 THC infused gummy bears to help reduce the chronic pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, without using pharmaceutical drugs. 

  • Reduction in anxiety and depression – did you know that depression is the single largest cause of disability worldwide? Zen Bliss CBD and Delta-10 THC infused gummy bears help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, keeping your mental health fine-tuned, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Blissful relaxation – Do you like using CBD oil to feel relaxed and in equilibrium? Try Zen Bliss CBD and Delta-10 THC infused gummy bears, to give you that extra nudge into a deeply relaxed state. You will feel euphoric, happy, and calm with Zen Bliss CBD Oil and Delta-10 THC infused gummy bears.

  • Sleep aid – many people have trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep. Zen Bliss CBD and Delta-10 THC infused gummy bears will soothe and lull you to sleep and keep you in a deep sleep throughout the night. If you have insomnia, or suffer from sleep related issues, try Zen bliss CBD Oil and Delta-10 THC infused gummy bears before trying pharmaceutical drugs.

What is Delta-10 THC?

Delta-10 THC shares some similarities, structure wise, with other variants like Delta-8 and Delta-9.

 “The term “delta” refers to a chemical reaction in which heat is the catalyst — hence the decarboxylation of raw cannabis to unlock a cannabinoid’s effects.

 The reason for its amount - that nagging 10 - is that it simply has two bonds in its tenth carbon chain, whereas Delta-8 contains one in its eighth carbon chain, and Delta-9 in its ninth chain. Contrary to what you would expect, these minor changes in the isomers create many modifications to the overall effects of the compounds, altering the experience of its consumer.

Another trait that distinguishes Delta-10 is the fact that it can be obtained from the hemp CBD, similar to Delta-8. The issue with Delta-10 is that it is much harder to obtain than its fellow isomers, partly because it is synthesized from Delta-8 or even Delta-9. Another issue is that it is found in very small amounts in the actual cannabis. Plus, it needs to be treated chemically, which also adds difficulties to the process.

This is why, until recently, Delta-10 wasn’t a marketable variant. We simply didn’t have the know-how of technical prowess for its distillation.

How Does Delta-10 THC Affect the Body?

What Delta-10 THC does to the body. There haven’t been many conclusive tests done, given that Delta-10 THC is a variant that has only recently been mass-produced, in spite of having been found a couple of decades ago. This means that most of its effects are speculative at best. The closest scientific approach to the effects of it arose when performing tests to pigeons — not exactly a benchmark that correlates with humans.

Some of the reports of consumers in relation to the Delta-10 have accounted for a general perceived relaxation that originates in the legs, and then later travels throughout the body in an ascending manner.

Other alleged sensations relate to feeling a higher state of alertness and enhanced cerebral activity. People have also felt greater focus and energy, because of its stimulating effects. Another feature is that it does hold some relieving health qualities as well.

The most notorious upside to Delta-10 is that the negative effects that consumers may have had such as paranoia, anxiety, elevated pulse, or sweaty palms are reduced when compared to other variants like Delta-9. This makes it particularly beneficial for consuming it while doing everyday activities, as you won’t feel the typical lethargy associated with THC products.

It is advised to consume between 10 mg and 60 mg of Delta-10, given that it possesses half the strength of a Delta-9 isomer. Although these are estimated numbers, you should always consume Delta-10 responsibly, and control the intake of it by ingesting it gradually, as side effects can still occur.

Delta-8 vs. Delta-10

Delta-10 has a rather stimulating and uplifting effect when compared to Delta-8, which is characterized for providing a keen sense of relaxation that may also imply lethargy, particularly if consumed in high quantities. Delta-10 will also be a great ally for depression or anxiety.

The upside to Delta-8 in comparison to Delta-10 is that the effects are longer-lasting and more intense due to the higher cannabinoid concentration in it. Delta-8 also provides feelings of hunger to those with reduced appetites, which can be particularly beneficial for people suffering from illness like cancer.

Some users also mix the two, but discretion is advised, as it is a new strain whose capabilities are still relatively unknown to the medical community.

Delta-9 vs. Delta-10

The upsides of Delta-10 are that it offers a milder effect than the regular Delta-9. The latter contains a higher concentration of cannabinoids, making the feeling of relaxation stronger. Also, Delta-9, due to its vehicle makeup can produce hallucinations and feelings of paranoia. This means that it is a far friendlier compound for beginners than Delta-9, as the possibilities of having a bad trip are far inferior.

This also brings into consideration the fact that Delta-9 needs to be consumed in lower doses than Delta-10. As a rule of thumb, for every milligram of Delta-9 you have to consume 2 milligrams of Delta-10 to achieve the same effects.

Another major benefit of Delta-10, in contrast to Delta-9, is that you can enjoy the goodness of THC while maintaining your intellect, focus and energy levels — this makes it ideal for those that lead busy lives but still feel the need to relieve daily stress.

Is Delta-10 Legal In Canada?

Luckily, Canada is a very open-minded region. It is one of the first places, globally, to legalize Marijuna. Uruguay beat us by an inch. Legal cannabis products are sold in the region through retailers. Those that are authorized and supervised by the government. There are some bylines and requirements that need to be met, but in all cases they are for the benefit of the consumer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paula Hershoff
Very relaxing

Stronger than the delta 8 gummies.

Tatiana Jantoska
so good

I do not believed, after so many years I can sleep like baby!!!
And I take only half of gummies every before I go to bed.
Thank for information from Lisa TV leader of CTV News channel 8.
Now I have gummies, oils and I looking for product for mi fingers to use
and hill my arthritis looks like deodorant only is with CBD and this helping
mi, when I massage to my fingers. Do you have this product?

Best Regards Tatiana