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CBD Infused Dried Cherries

CBD Infused Dried Cherries

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Zen Bliss CBD infused dried cherries taste amazing and are 100% fruit. They are also an abundant source of vitamin A, Calcium, and iron.

Zen Bliss CBD infused dried cherries offer you an abundance of health benefits, ranging from pain relief, amazing sleep, better mental health, and many other benefits. Our CBD is derived exclusively from hemp plants, and not from marijuana plants, this means that our CBD infused dried cherries have no THC, making them safe and effective.

Zen Bliss CBD infused dried cherries can offer you the following amazing health benefits:

  • Pain relief – by eating Zen Bliss CBD infused dried cherries you can expect a reduction in chronic pain, as well as a decrease in inflammation. Do you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis? Use Zen Bliss CBD infused dried cherries to help reduce the chronic pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, without using pharmaceutical drugs. 

  • Reduction in anxiety and depression – did you know that depression is the single largest cause of disability worldwide? Zen Bliss CDB infused dried cherries help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, keeping your mental health fine-tuned, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Reduction in acne – depending on the factors that cause your acne, Zen Bliss CDB infused dried cherries can help reduce acne by specifically targeting and reducing your skins own sebum production. They are also great for reducing inflammation, another common cause of acne.

  • Sleep aid – many people have trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep. Zen Bliss CBD infused dried cherries will soothe and lull you to sleep, and keep you in a deep sleep throughout the night. If you have insomnia, or suffer from sleep related issues, try Zen bliss CBD infused dried cherries before trying pharmaceutical drugs.